Running Umbraco on Azure in no Time

Working with Azure and Umbraco is not very complicated task. This is especially true with the latest version of Umbraco 7. There are several important steps to go through. We try to list most generic steps in this tutorial to get you started. 

Step 1: Set up Solution in Visual Studio

Step 2: Set up Azure project using Visual Studio and add this project to the solution

Step 3: Add Umbraco project to the solution

Step 4: Set up Web Role as well as Azure SQL Role on Azure

Step 5: Package and Deploy Umbraco Package to Azure

Step 6: Run Azure installation on Azure using Azure SQL

Step 7: Install StarterKit which comes with Umbraco

Step 8: Create Admin user account and login into Umbraco

You are all set with running Umbraco on Azure. This is not very complicated project and shouldn’t take more than a day to set up end to end.

Note: Full trust is required to run Umbraco on Azure. 

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